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Salt Dogg Spreader: Your Partner in Winter with American Tarping

American Tarping, a trusted family-owned and operated distributor, is your go-to source for high-quality truck tarp systems, motors, tarps, and replacement parts. Committed to fair pricing and unparalleled customer service, we understand the importance of reliable equipment, especially during the challenging winter months. That's why we proudly offer our customers the best in snow season preparedness—the Salt Dogg Spreader.

SaltDogg: Unrivaled Snow Spreaders for Every Need

SaltDogg is synonymous with excellence in the world of salt spreaders for pickup trucks. These spreaders are crafted with durability in mind, utilizing materials like stainless steel and polyethylene that resist rust, ensuring they stand the test of time and weather every storm, year after year.

Every SaltDogg spreader is meticulously designed and built to exacting specifications at Buyers' state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio. This commitment to precision ensures that every spreader we send out meets the highest possible quality standards. That's what makes SaltDogg spreaders the best choice for UTVs, SUVs, pickups, municipal vehicles, and everything in between.

Explore the SaltDogg Line-Up: Tailor-Made for Every Application

SaltDogg's extensive line-up includes walk-behind spreaders, pickup truck spreaders, tailgate spreaders, municipal spreaders, and more:

Kit to Convert SaltDogg® Spreader TGSUV1B to TGSUVPROA 3005423 | Buyers Products:

  • This conversion kit takes the gravity-fed TGSUV1B model to new heights by transforming it into an electric auger-powered TGSUVPROA model. Experience enhanced efficiency and performance with this upgrade.

SaltDogg® 3500 Pound Dump Body Vibrator with Installation Kit DBV3500 | Buyers Products:

  • Eliminate the back-breaking task of removing excess material from your truck with the Buyers Products Dump Body Vibrator. This powerful tool shakes out stubborn material, keeping your truck clean and ready for the next round. Permanently lubricated bearings and a weather-sealed 12V motor ensure durability.

Replacement .5 HP Spinner Motor for SaltDogg® TGSUVPROA, TGS01B, TGS05B Spreaders 3014441 | Buyers Products:

  • Keep your spreader in top-notch condition with this replacement spinner motor. Compatible with various SaltDogg models, it ensures that your equipment runs smoothly, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Why Choose American Tarping for Your Salt Dogg Needs?

At American Tarping, we look forward to serving you with dedication and trust. If you don't find what you need in our current offerings, contact us at (786) 708-6662 or, and we'll go the extra mile to find it for you at an unbeatable price.

Prepare for winter with confidence—choose Salt Dogg Spreader through American Tarping, your partner in winter preparedness. Trust in our commitment to quality and let us be your go-to source for all your snow season needs.

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