Dump Truck Tarp Motor: Elevate Your Tarping Experience with Donovan™ by American Tarping

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At American Tarping, we understand that finding the right tarp solution for your hard work is crucial. We take pride in being an online distributor, which means we can offer you cost-effective solutions dedicated to providing quality products. In partnership with Donovan™ Tarp Systems, a name synonymous with well-built, reliable, and economical tarping solutions, we bring you the finest in tarp motors tailored for the construction and waste industries.


Why Donovan™ Tarp Systems?

Donovan™ Tarp Systems, crafted by the largest manufacturer of quality tarp and containment systems in the United States—Shur-Co®, are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the construction and waste industries. The Donovan™ brand stands as a beacon of trust, ensuring that each system is well-built, reliable, and economical. As an online distributor, American Tarping is proud to carry the full catalog of Donovan™ Tarp Systems items, providing you with a comprehensive range of solutions for your tarping needs.


Highlighted Donovan™ Tarp Motors at American Tarping:


Durabuilt Tarp Motor (Various Models) | Donovan Tarps:

  • Donovan Durabuilt™ universal tarp motors are among the best-built and most rigorously tested motors in the industry. When you choose a Durabuilt™ motor for your dump truck or dump trailer tarp system, you're investing in confidence. Key features include universal replacement with five mounting holes that fit all manufacturers' mounting plates, an extended output shaft with two roller bar attachment holes to fit any brand tarp system, an attractive chrome appearance motor cover, a 90:1 gear ratio for extra torque, 100% sealed motor and gear casings, and a solid vase end bell. Rest easy knowing that every motor undergoes 100% quality control testing.


Tarp Motor Covers | Donovan Tarps:

  • Protect your tarp gear motor from the elements with Donovan™ Tarp Motor Covers. Available in an attractive chrome-plated finish (600W motor cover) or an attractive black finish (900W motor cover), these covers not only shield your motor but also add a touch of style to your setup.


    Experience Excellence – Call Us Today for a Quote!

    American Tarping is your trusted partner in upgrading your tarping experience. Call us today at (786) 708-6662 for a quote and let us guide you through the world of Donovan™ Tarp Systems. Elevate your tarping game with the durability, reliability, and innovation that Donovan™ brings to every project. We look forward to serving you with professionalism and trust.

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