Mesh Tarps

Whether you have a small or large truck or trailer, American Tarping has mesh tarps suited for any need. Our mesh tarp materials are of the utmost quality, ensuring durability against challenging tasks and regular use. 

If you don't see what you need listed here, we can make you a custom tarp to fit your exact requirements in a variety of mesh tarp materials, colors, and styles. Call (786)708-6662 to get a quick and easy custom tarp quote.

Need some help figuring out what kind of tarp you need? Click the "Read More" link below for more information that will help you find the perfect replacement tarp.

What size mesh tarp do I need? 

You should use the following formulas when determining the tarp size for your truck:

Tarp width: Take the width of the tarp axle/roller and subtract 4 inches.

Tarp length: Take the length of your truck body and add 2 feet. The additional length allows the tarp to cover a heaped load. 

Which mesh tarp material do I need?

The type of mesh tarp material you need comes down to your application use as well as your budget. 

Non-waterproof mesh tarps are the most common dump truck tarps and use an open weave mesh design. Mesh tarps are ideal for hauling gravel, sand, rocks, landscaping and agricultural debris, and any other use for which you do not need 100% weatherproof protection. There are several types of mesh truck tarps available to choose from, including:

  • Economy black mesh - lighter weight, lower cost
  • Heavy duty black mesh - sturdier and longer lasting
  • Multi-mesh - made of multi-color strands, as strong as heavy duty black mesh but priced lower due to multiple colors

What style of mesh tarp do I need?

We offer several types of tarp styles for different hauling applications. 

Standard tarps:

Standard tarps can be used with any of our front-to-back style electric or manual dump truck tarp systems. 

Landscape tarps:

Our landscape tarps are designed for use with any manual crank-and-pull style tarp system and are often used by the landscaping industry for the removal of debris. 

Specialty tarps:

We carry many styles of specialty tarps, including:

  • Side roll tarp systems
  • Cable tarp systems 
  • Side dump tarp systems
  • Roll-off tarp systems

We can make any tarp custom to any specification. If you don't see what you need on our site, contact us today for a quote.

I don't see what I need.

Not a problem! We can make custom tarps to any specification. Front-to-back systems, manual systems, side roll, sliding cable systems, roll-off systems—we can do it all.

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