Flatbed Tarps

Flatbed tarps are available in a wide variety of weights, configurations, and colors for our customers who transport freight on flatbed trailers. Our lumber and steel tarps are made of durable waterproof vinyl that will protect your load from damage due to wind, rain, sun, or road debris. 

Flatbed Tarp Styles

We carry the following flatbed tarps:

  • 18oz vinyl lumber tarps: industry standard lumber tarp design made of 100% vinyl, includes side drops to provide waterproof protection
  • 14oz vinyl lumber tarps: lighter weight vinyl than 18oz that makes it easier for to tarp a load, with same waterproof protection 
  • 18oz/14oz vinyl combination lumber tarps: combination of 18oz and 14oz vinyls provide the durability of 18oz vinyl for the top of the load, with lighter 14oz vinyl side drops to decrease the overall weight of the tarp
  • Steel tarps: steel tarps are available with or without side drops, with a choice of 18oz or 14oz vinyl

In addition to these flatbed tarp styles we can also create custom tarps for your specific needs, at a competitive price. Please call (786)708-6662 for more information and a fast quote.