Asphalt Tarp: Superior Solutions by United Tarps

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Asphalt Tarp: Superior Solutions by United Tarps

Welcome to American Tarping, your premier online destination for top-quality tarping solutions at competitive prices. As an online distributor dedicated to simplifying your search for the perfect tarp solution, we understand your needs and work tirelessly to provide you with hassle-free shopping experiences. American Tarping collaborates with trusted manufacturers like United Tarps to offer you the finest in tarping products, ensuring durability, strength, and unmatched quality.


United Tarps: Setting the Standard for Quality and Durability

United Tarps stands as a beacon of excellence in the manufacturing of tarping products, exemplifying strength, durability, and quality. With a commitment to American manufacturing, United Tarps produces tarping solutions within the United States, adhering to the highest standards of production. Their dedication to sourcing raw materials exclusively from American textile mills underscores their commitment to quality and revitalizing the American manufacturing sector.

With over 25 years of experience in textile manufacturing, United Tarps brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every product they create. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, United Tarps leads the industry in innovation, ensuring that their products remain unmatched in quality and performance.


The Importance of Truck Tarp Systems

In most states, laws mandate the use of truck tarps to cover loads during transportation. These laws aim to ensure the safety of drivers by preventing debris from coming loose during transit. Even in states where tarping isn't required by law, utilizing a truck tarp system is highly advisable. Not only do tarp systems keep your load protected and secure, but they also contribute to cost savings by reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency.


Premium Features for Optimal Performance

Our asphalt tarp from United Tarps come with a range of standard features designed to enhance performance and longevity. These features include:

  • 18 Oz Super Strong Vinyl: Ensures durability and reliability in tough working conditions.
  • Seatbelt Webbing Reinforcement: Provides additional strength and stability.
  • Stainless Steel Grommets: Positioned at the front and sides for secure attachment.
  • Double-Sewn Pocket at the Rear: Ensures a snug fit and prevents water ingress.
  • Direct Replacement for All Automatic and Manual Systems: Compatible with a wide range of truck and trailer systems for added convenience.


Customization Options for Your Needs

In addition to standard features, American Tarping offers various customization options to tailor your asphalt tarp to specific requirements. These options include:

  • Stainless Steel Grommets on All Four Sides: Enhances versatility and ease of installation.
  • 12" Side Flaps with Shock Cord: Provides additional coverage and protection.
  • Spline Sewn into Front Hem: Ensures a secure fit and prevents flapping during transportation.
  • Available Colors: Choose from a range of colors including black, white, blue, red, burgundy, pink, purple, grey, green, dark green, dark blue, yellow, and orange to suit your preferences and branding needs.


Versatile Applications of Waterproof Vinyl Tarps

Waterproof vinyl tarps are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including hauling perishable items such as grains and food products. With their waterproof and UV protective qualities, vinyl tarps provide reliable protection against moisture and sunlight, ensuring the contents of your dump body remain dry and intact. Additionally, vinyl tarps are perfect for applications requiring heat resistance, such as asphalt hauling, making them a versatile and indispensable asset for various industries.

Trust American Tarping to provide you with premium asphalt tarps from United Tarps, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. With our extensive range of standard features and customization options, we are committed to offering you tailored solutions to suit your specific tarping needs. Shop with us today and experience the convenience of finding the perfect tarp solution for your applications.

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