Flash High-Gloss Aluminum Arm Assembly (Up to 23') | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 1,146.86 USD

 MODEL: Donovan 1801075, 1801076

The Donovan Flash™ replacement 5-spring arm assembly includes all necessary components for the “pin-to-pin” components of the system, also known as the “hoop kit”.   The single piece aluminum high-gloss pivot arms are made from heavy duty aluminum, with a 5-spring pivot clamshell housing for spring protection and a finished appearance.  Available in straight arms or 30 degree bend in the arm for a lower profile which helps avoid collisions with loaders and excavators. 

This system is ideal for boxes and trailers up to 23’ in length. 

Please note that this kit does not include the tarp, tarp roller bar, tarp motor, or any of the electrical components.

Tarp Arm Assembly Set Includes: 

  • Clamshell pivot spring kit with base (P/N 1809708, Qty: 1)
  • Aluminum high gloss pivot arms, 150' length (Qty: 2)
    • Straight arms (P/N 1800421), or 
    • Bent arms (PN 1800504)
  • 90-degree elbows (P/N 1800597, Qty: 2)
  • 6" Bumper kit (P/N 1808819, Qty: 2)
  • Installation hardware


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