Aluminum Tarp Arm Replacement Set (5-spring) 3016667 | Buyers Products

  • $ 699.00 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products 3016667

The universal Aluminum Tarp Arm Kit from Buyers Products includes everything you need to install telescoping tarp arms on 14 to 23 ft dump bodies. It's constructed of tough extruded aluminum for lasting use.

The kit features arms, joints, bumpers, and a 10 spring pivot system inside a sturdy protective cast aluminum housing.

Standard Features:

  • Everything you need to install telescoping tarp arms.
  • Fits 14 to 23 ft dump bodies.
  • Tough extruded aluminum construction for long life.
  • Includes ten springs and sturdy cast aluminum spring housing.

**Please note, if you select the optional tarp system tension bow, the arm joint angles of the tension bow must match the angles of the arm joints you will use for the tarp system side arms.**


  • Arm Material: Aluminum
  • Dump Length Minimum: 14'
  • Dump Length Maximum: 23'
  • Joint Angle: 90°
  • System Style: Electric Side Mount
  • Number Of Springs Per Arm: 10
  • Number Of Poly Bumpers Included: 6

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