What Size Tarp To Cover Truck Bed?

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What Size Tarp To Cover Dump Truck Bed - American Tarping 

Dump truck and dump trailer tarps are sold by width and length measurements. Determining the best size tarp for your dump truck or dump trailer is a simple process.

Tarp Width | Determined by Width of Tarp Roller Bar

To determine the width of the tarp you need, first measure your tarp roller bar (axle). Simply take a measuring tape, measure the front roller bar from end to end, and subtract 4 inches. The tarp width is narrower than the roller to allow it to roll and unroll evenly without getting caught in the roller bar.

If your state requires the sides of the tarp to be strapped down, then select one of our tarps with side flaps to remain DOT compliant. Look for a tarp that has thick hems and grommets on all sides to help you secure your tarp to the dump truck using the tie down system that works best for your truck.

Tarp Length | Determined by Length of Dump Body

To determine the length of the tarp you need, measure the length of your truck’s dump body or trailer and add 2 feet. The additional length allows the tarp to cover a heaped load when needed.


Width: Measure the front axle/roller bar from end to end and subtract 4 inches

Length: Take the full length of your truck’s body and add 2 feet

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