How To Replace Tarp on Grain Trailer?

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How To Replace Tarp on Grain Trailer? - American Tarping

Removing and reinstalling a new tarp on a grain trailer is much easier than it sounds. We listed out all of the steps for a clean and easy replacement process. For best results, have someone help you throughout the steps listed below.

Tarp Removal:

Step 1: Disengage the motor from the tarp roll tube by removing the bolts. Remove the screws from the rear arm, detaching it from the tarp roller. Using a rubber mallet, remove the rear arm and bearings from the tarp roll tube.

Step 2: Remove the front arm and motor from the tarp roll tube.

Step 3: Remove all of the U-Clamps from the tarp and set them aside. You will reuse them later for the new tarp install.

Step 4: Remove the tarp stops from the tarp tube and roll the tarp until it is on the opposite side of the trailer.

Step 5: Lift the tarp off of the trailer and place it on the ground. Unravel the tarp completely and remove the tarp tubes. Once done, place the old tarp aside and make space to roll out the new tarp.

New Tarp Installation

Installing the new tarp onto the grain trailer is the exact same steps as the tarp removal process, but this time in reverse.

Step 1: Unravel the new tarp on the ground and re-insert the tarp tubes on each side. Roll up the tarp and prepare to place it back on top of the trailer.

Step 2: Once the tarp is on the trailer, align the tarp tube to the tarp stops and secure them in place and unravel the tarp to the opposite side of the trailer.

Step 3: Using a rubber mallet, attach the bearings and rear arm to the tarp roll tube and secure tightly with screws.

Step 4: Mount the front arm and motor to the tarp roll tube and secure it with bolts.

Step 5: When reinstalling the U-Clamps, begin with the front clamp, then stretch the tarp to the rear of the tube and secure the rear-most clamp . Once they are secure, install the remaining clamps. Secure tarp with self-tapping screws.

And you are all set!


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