TarpStretcher Tarp Motor 10200 | Roll-Rite

  • $ 930.21 USD

MODEL: Roll-Rite 10200

The Roll-Rite TarpStretcher 10200 tarp motor is a powerful high torque motor that uses advanced engineering techniques to ensure reliability and longevity. The Roll-Rite TarpStretcher 10200 uses spur and helical gears, which offers a significantly longer service life than standard worm gear tarp motors.

The exceptional torque on the Roll-Rite TarpStretcher makes it an excellent choice for side roll tarping purposes.

Applications: End Dump Trailers, Side Dump Trailers, Grain Trailers, Belly Dumps, Live Bottom Trailers


TarpMaster Tarp Motor 10200 Specifications:

  • 5 year warranty
  • 12V
  • Spur/helical gear technology
  • Chrome finish motor cover

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