Durabuilt Tarp Motor (various models) | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 257.40 USD


MODEL: Donovan 1802066, 1802061, 1704878

Donovan Durabuilt™ universal tarp motors are one of the industry's best-built, and most rigorously test motors, which means you can buy with confidence when purchasing a new replacement motor for your dump truck or dump trailer tarp system.


 Part # Voltage Wattage Warranty
1802066 12V 600W 1 year
1802061 12V 600W 3 years
1704878 12V 900W 3 years


  • Universal replacement - five mounting holes fit all manufacturers' mounting plates
  • Extended output shaft - features two roller bar attachment hole to fit any brand tarp system
  • Chrome appearance motor cover comes standard with all motors 
  • 90:1 gear ratio provides extra torque
  • 100% sealed motor and gear casings
  • Solid vase end bell
  • 100% quality control tested

100% Quality Control Tested

High-precision test equipment is used to characterize all motors, including other manufacturers' motors, at real work-load conditions. Date is automatically recorded and charted for quality control and brand comparison.

Characterization testing is followed immediately by life-cycle stand testing and field testing. After that, motors are disassembled and inspected to ensure Shur-Co® always provides the best motor at the best price.

Testing Parameters:

 Input Power

Supply voltage
Output Power Drive shaft speed (RPM)
Durability Cyclic testing
    Field testing

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