How To Tarp A Flatbed Trailer?

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How To Tarp A Flatbed Trailer? - American Tarping

Struggling to tarp your flatbed trailer? We know it can be tough. There are many methods you can follow to load and tarp your trailer. We laid out the basics for you below. 


Gathering all of your materials and measurements prior to tarping is just as important as the tarping itself. Let’s talk about some of the things you will need to ensure a successful tarping method. 

  1. Materials - The tools below are must-haves that will ensure smooth loading every time.

As drivers, we know that every load will be unique and require different tarping methods but there are general steps to always be mindful of when prepping a load. Below are a few tips to make sure you have a safe and secure load that not only makes tarping easy but also keeps your tarps from tearing. 

Symmetry and Security

Keep the center of gravity as low as possible and distribute your weight evenly from side to side. This is important for safety as well as tarp preservation as uneven loads are prone to ripping. Don't tighten your straps all the way until you have completed the next step.

Next, you will want to gather your furniture blankets and place them over any gaps or edges containing sharp corners that may rip your tarp. This is a cost-effective way to preserve the life span of your tarps. Once your blankets are placed, tighten your winch straps with your winch bar.

Tarp Placement 

Always place your rear tarps first, and your front tarps last to avoid parachuting and reduced fuel mileage. The best way to make sure your tarps unravel evenly on your load is to fold them evenly after every use. This way all you have to do is center and place it where you desire and the flaps will drop evenly in every direction, every time. Depending on the size of your load, you can mix and match our tarps between tarps with and without flaps. 

Up next bungee cords!

Bungee Cords - American Tarping

Bungees/Rubber Tie Down Straps

Arguably the most tedious step in tarping your flatbed trailer. Lucky for you, we broke it down for you in a few easy-to-follow steps. 

  1. Hook your first set of bungees on the second row of D-rings from the bottom up, secure the front, back, and center of your tarp onto your truck. The placement of the bungees on the back is not final and will be moved after the rest of the tarp is secure. 
  2. Place a bungee on the front and back corner D-Rings located on the very bottom of the tarp. This will prevent air from flapping into your load from the sides.
  3. Remove each bungee that you secured in the back corners (from step 1), hook it on the back of your tarp on each side, and bring it underneath the side of your truck. This will leave you with two flaps hanging down on each side of your truck.
  4. Fold the hanging flaps inward, and bungee them to the opposite sides of the bed. Add an additional bungee and strap each flap to each other for extra support. 
  5. Next, install your front tarp following the same exact steps.
  6. Depending on the size of your load, you may have extra slack on the front of your bed. When this is this case, secure the folded straps using a winch strap.

 Click below to watch an easy video instruction to install yourself:

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