How to fold a flatbed tarp correctly

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How to fold a flatbed tarp correctly | American Tarping

There are several ways out there on how to fold a flatbed tarp correctly, but we're going to explain the simplest way to fold common flatbed tarps.



  1. Start by laying your tarp flat with the exterior side up. Make sure the tarp is completely dry to avoid mold developing during storage. If you already have mold, you can reference our blog on how to easily clean and store a flatbed tarp.
  2. If your tarp has flaps, fold them in so that your tarp is even on all sides.
  3. Take one long side of your tarp and fold it into the midline of the tarp.
  4. Take the other long edge and fold it in to meet the other side in the center of the tarp at the midline.
  5. Repeat step 3 by folding the outer edge onto itself to meet in the middle.
  6. Repeat step 4 and meet in the midline again.
  7. Starting at one end, roll your tarp tightly. (If your tarp has flaps, begin with the end that does not have a flap.)
  8. Secure your tarp with a bungee or rope. 
  9. Congratulations on rolling your tarp safely and correctly!


If you are ready to unfold your tarp proceed to these steps:

  1. When unfolding your tarp onto your equipment, make sure to start at the back of your load and roll to the front. 
  2. Let your tarp hang on either side of your flatbed truck.
  3. Secure with bungee or ropes using d-rings to fasten.
  4. If you are using multiple tarps, repeat these steps.

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