Dual Conductor Plug Set (Horizontal) 14566 | US Tarp

  • $ 32.50 USD


Due to manufacturer stock issues, please contact us for product availability.

MODEL: US Tarp 14566

The Dual Conductor Plug Set (Horizontal) is an authentic US Tarp replacement part.

If you have any questions about compatibility with your particular system, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (786)708-6662.

Compatible Systems:

  • US Tarp Underbody Mount Polished Aluminum Tarp Systems (Models: 11535, 11421, 15034 and related models)
  • US Tarp Underbody Galvanized Steel Tarp Systems (Models: 11540, 14121, 14221 and related models)
  • US Tarp Bulletproof Aluminum Underbody Tarp Systems (Models: 13625, 13625-192, 13625-210, 14503, 15087 and related models)