Manual Tarp Crank System 13375 | US Tarp

  • $ 339.84 USD


MODELS: US Tarp 13375, 13484, 13463

This Cab Level Crank Tarp System from US Tarp is a light duty tarp system with a manual crank operation, making it a perfect landscape truck tarp system. 


  • Fits all dump trailer and truck manufacturers
  • Spring-loaded break away crank handle
  • 1-1/2" diameter aluminum extruded tarp axle
  • Steel powder coated mounting brackets and sealed bearings
  • Can be used with tarps up to 40' in length

Available Options:

  • Rear pull bar assembly, includes rope kit and tailgate latches (US Tarp 12311)
  • 103" wide wind deflector (US Tarp 11208)

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