Twist Lock Plunger Pin TLP625, TLP750, TLP100 | Buyers Products

  • $ 21.99 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products TLP625, TLP750, TLP100

Buyers Products Twist Lock Plunger Pin is spring-loaded and available in three diameters. Each pin includes a grease fitting and is zinc-plated for corrosion protection.

Install by drilling a hole to accept plunger pin and weld the barrel into place.

Pin is ideal for dump kits, farm equipment, wrecker attachments, stabilizer legs, wheel lift arms, and more.


Part # Usable Pin Length Pin Type Pin Diameter
 TLP625 0.5" Twist Lock Plunger 0.625"
TLP750 0.380" Twist Lock Plunger 0.750"
TLP100 0.460" Twist Lock Plunger 1.000"


Product Common Use: Dump Kits, Farm Equipment, Wrecker Attachments, Stabilizer Arms


Twist Lock Plunger Pin Standard Features:

  • Ramp spring is designed as a "lift assist" for trailer ramps.
  • Available in left hand or right hand coil, springs have a plain finish.

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