Tarp Tension Hoop (Aluminum) 5540000 | Buyers Products

  • $ 319.00 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products 5540000

The Tarp System Tension Bow from Buyers Products adds tension to the truck tarp to keep it from flapping during transit. The primary cause of wear and tear on a truck tarp is wind damage, so by using a truck tarp tensioner you can extend the life of your truck tarp. This truck tarp tensioner from Buyers Products is made in the USA from durable polished, extruded aluminum.  

A truck tarp tensioner may also be called a tarp tension bow, a tarp tension bar, or a tarp tensioner assembly.

Do I need a tarp tensioner?

A truck tarp tensioner is an optional accessory for your dump truck or dump trailer tarp system. A good rule of thumb to use when deciding if you need a tarp tensioner is to consider the distance between the tarp axle and the top of the dump body–if there is a significant distance that allows wind to get under the truck tarp, it will cause the truck tarp to flap and wear out more quickly. In this case, we recommend using a truck tarp tensioner to get the most value from your truck tarp.

**Please note, if your truck tarp system uses angled arm joints, the arm joint angles of the tension bow must match the angles of the arm joints for the tarp system side arms.**

Standard Features:

  • Extruded aluminum tubing
  • Cast aluminum corners
  • Poly bumpers (x4)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Works with all Buyers Products electric or manual tarp systems that include tarp arms


  • Adjustable Collars: Yes
  • Finish: Plain
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum Bow Length (Driver Side To Passenger Side): 102"

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