Steel Butt Hinge .120 x 4" Long with 1/4 Pin and 4" Open Width BTS124025 | Buyers Products

  • $ 6.25 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products BTS124025

Buyers Products Steel Butt Hinges have a plain finish and can be either welded-on or drilled for bolt-on installation. No holes provide a clean look and the plain finish can be painted or powder-coated if desired.

The steel butt hinges feature a tight pin, spun on both ends for secure installation. The hinges are available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of applications. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Product Common Use: Cabinet Hinge, Panel Hinge, Butt Hinge, Tool Cabinets


Steel Butt Hinge Features:

  • Durable drop forged steel construction.
  • Complete kit includes drop forged butt, hinge pin, and cotter key.
  • Hinge can be surface mounted and has 4 in. center-to-center mounting holes.

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