Roll Off Tarp System – Quick-Flip4™ | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 7,268.69 USD

 MODELS: Donovan 1811480, 1811485, 1811490


Part # Kit Name Model
1811480 Quick-Flip™ 4 Single Axle  Toggle Switch
1811485 Quick-Flip™ 4 Multi Axle Toggle Switch
1811490 Quick-Flip™ 4 Roll-Off Trailer Toggle Switch


The Quick-Flip4™ automatic roll-off tarping system from Donovan Tarps is the ultimate experience in convenience and reliability. Designed with unbreakable pivot arms and a powerful hydraulic gantry, this tarp system effortlessly covers boxes and trailers up to 36 feet long. Choose from three specialized models, perfect for roll-off trucks and trailers. Constructed with enhanced spring assemblies, thick-walled aluminum pivot arms, and durable pivot and rear crossover elbow castings, the Quick-Flip4 is built to last and maintain a professional appearance. Plus, the Durabuilt™ 900-watt heavy-duty tarp motor with marine-rated toggle ensures smooth and efficient operation. Upgrade your tarping experience with Quick-Flip4 by Donovan Tarps.


Applications: Full size hook lift/cable hoist trucks 


Quick-Flip4™ Upgrades:

  • Wireless remote operation
  • Tarp Tower Ships Pre-Assembled from Factory
  • Easily Relocatable Pivot Point if/when You Add Longer Containers to Your Fleet
  • Coiled Power Cord for Cleaner Appearance
  • Safety Work Lights Included (Standard)
  • Toggle Switch (Marine Grade)

Quick-Flip4 Standard Features:

  • Unbreakable Aluminum Arms
  • 90° Cast Elbows
  • Telescoping Gantry (Standard)
  • Industry Leading Mighty Mesh® Tarp
  • 40° Bend Pivot Arm Standard in Multi-Axle Model Kits
  • 12V Self-Contained Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit 
  • Durabuilt™ Electric Motor (900 Watt)

Quick-Flip4 Model Details:

Single Axle Model (1811480)

Experience effortless installation with the Quick-Flip4 Single-Axle model. Its preassembled "outrigger" spring assemblies make setup a breeze. The fixed anodized tarp tower, 12-1/2-foot pivot arms, and Mighty Mesh® tarp, the toughest in the industry, add to the impressive features of this roll off tarp system.

Multi Axle Model (1811485)

The Quick-Flip4™ Multi-Axle model is designed for tandem and tri-axle trucks, with an over-wheel mounting frame for driver and passenger side arm spring assemblies. These adjust at installation for varying chassis widths. Aluminum spring box enclosures keep the springs clear of debris. This system includes a telescoping tarp tower with wind deflector housing and 14- 1/4-foot bent pivot arms.

Roll-Off Trailer Model (1811490)

The Quick-Flip4™ for Roll-Off Trailers is designed for trailers carrying boxes up to 36 foot long. Depending on container length, it is available with Mighty Mesh® or PVC mesh tarp (sold separately) and features preassembled “outrigger” spring assemblies to make install easier. This model includes a telescoping tarp tower with wind deflector housing and robust 20-foot pivot arms.

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