Rack 'n Pinion® Roll Off Trailer System | Pioneer Coverall

  • $ 8,789.00 USD

MODEL: Pioneer RP4500SATR

The Rack ‘n Pinion® Strong Arm roll off trailer tarp system utilizes rack and pinion technology for controlled side arm movement. A hydraulic cylinder moves a rack gear forward and backwards. The rack gear is mated with a pinion gear attached to the base of the pivot arms. This arrangement creates a mechanical advantage which provides continuous control over speed and precise synchronization of the pivot arms as they cover and uncover the container.  Look for the distinctive tombstone, a symbol of Pioneer's Rack 'n Pinion tarping system's industry-leading quality for over a decade. 

The Rack 'n Pinion® roll off trailer system includes a 114" wide heavy duty mesh tarp.

Applications: Cable hoist roll off trailers
Container style/size:  Up to 32 foot containers 
Standard tarp:  Heavy duty mesh

    Rack 'n Pinion Tarp System Standard Features:

    • Tarping system with pivot assembly for consistently precise tarp movement
    • Adjustable gantry moves vertically from 60" to 96" (SATR)
    • Roller mounted on gantry, reducing stress on framework
    • Spring loaded roller assembly
    • Fixed length unbreakable pivot arms
    • Industry leading 5-year non-prorated warranty covers the entire system (excludes tarp)
    • Features Pioneer's distinctive tombstone

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