Tarp System Tension Hoop | Mountain Tarp

  • $ 379.38 USD

MODEL: Mountain Tarp G1665, G1750A

Add an optional tension hoop to your Mountain Tarp tarp system to keep tension on your truck tarp to prevent flapping and unnecessary wear and tear. Available in steel or aluminum.


  • Tension hoop
  • Driver and passenger side pivot spring assemblies
  • Mounting hardware

New G1750A Aluminum Tension Hoop:

  • Tension hoop utilizes a single 5/8” clock spring per side, with adjustable tension.
  • Clock Springs tension much longer than music wire.
  • Clock Springs produce 4.2 in-lbs of force per degree of deflection, with a maximum rotation of 240°.
  • Tension hoop is a telescoping system that could be adjusted up to 102" wide and 25" tall.

Compatible Systems:

Tension hoops are compatible with the following Mountain Tarp systems:

K12CSET, K610CSM, K610CSE, K010CSM, K010CSE, K612CSM, K612CSE, K012CSM, K012CSE, K614CSM, K614CSE, K014CSM, K014CSE, K610DM, K610DE, K010DM, K010DE, K612DM, K612DE, K012DM, K012DE, K614DM, K614DE, K014DM, K014DE, K616DM, K616DE, K016DM, K016DE

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