KCSM Series Manual Flip Tarp Systems | Mountain Tarp

  • $ 1,184.80 USD

MODEL: Mountain Tarp K610CSM, K010CSM, K612CSM, K012CSM, K614CSM, K014CSM


MODEL # Max Length Max Width
K610CSM 14' 96"

14' 102"

20' 96"

20' 102"

24' 96"

24' 102"


The Mountain Tarp KCSM series of systems is Mountain Tarps' flagship line of flip tarp systems designed for dump truck applications up to 24' long. These systems come standard with side mount clock springs, guaranteed unbreakable aluminum swing arms, tarp spool, and a ground level hand crank.  All mounting brackets and hardware are also in included. Complete your Mountain Tarp system by adding a mesh or vinyl tarp.

Installation Instructions


  • Complete side mount aluminum arm set (lower, upper, crossover, elbows)
  • Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Clock (torsion) springs
  • Ground level hand crank

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