Lockable Trimmer Rack (3-Position Snap-In) for Open Landscape Trailers LT10 | Buyers Products

  • $ 215.33 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products LT10

Buyers Products Lockable Trimmer Rack mounts to any open style trailer and holds up to three trimmers, keeping your trailer organized and clutter-free. The trailer bed stays clear and trimmers are easy to reach.

Long-lasting stainless steel springs provide support and vinyl-coated hooks protect your trimmers from scratches while the trailer is in motion. Trimmers easily snap on and off the rack, and an added padlock can deter would-be thieves (padlock not included).

The rack is constructed from sturdy steel and finished with a rust-inhibiting black powder coat.

Trimmer Rack Lock Replacement Only Sold Here


Product Common Use:  Landscaping trailers, Pick-Up Trucks

Trimmer Rack Features:

  • Easy, snap-in design allows for effortless storage of up to three trimmers (trimmers not included).
  • Stainless steel springs maintain snap back even with repeated daily use.
  • Vinyl-coated hooks protect trimmers from scratches while trailer is in motion.
  • Black powder-coated steel resists rust and maintains strength season after season.
  • Rack locks with use of a padlock to keep trimmers safe and secure (padlock not included).

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