Trailer Tarp System – Trailer Bullet 1801010 | Donovan Tarps

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MODEL: Donovan 1801010

The Trailer Bullet™ is an aluminum arm tarp system for trailers designed to cover boxes up to 38 feet long. Available with straight arms of anodized aluminum that will never rust! The tarp moves smoothly on an extruded aluminum roller bar, powered by the Durabuilt™ 12V direct-drive electric motor with rotary switch. (The motor is backed by a three-year full replacement warranty.) Optional upgrades include 40-amp Durabuilt™ rocker switch kit with solenoid, wind deflectors, pivot arm rests and spring trap and tarp trap hold-downs. Approximate shipping weight: 150 lbs.

Complete your tarp system by choosing from one of our high quality tarp options. Additional tarp fabrics, sizes, and options available, call us today for a quote if you don't see what you need.

Installation Instructions

Part #
Kit Name Arms Springs Features
1801010 Trailer Bullet™ Straight 22-Copil UB Torsion Rotary Switch

Key Features

  • Extruded Aluminum Roller Bar with Side Plates
  • Polished Aluminum 2-Piece Adjustable Pivot Arms
  • Durabuilt™ Motor with 3-Year Warranty
  • Rotary Switch
  • Fits boxes & trailers up to 38' in length

Additional Tarp System Options*

  • P/N 1801919 - Aluminum Wind Deflector - 1 Pc.
  • P/N 1801999 - Aluminum Arm Rest Kit
  • P/N 1801434 - Spring Trap Hold-Down Kit
  • P/N 1125250 - Arm-Lok™ Kit - For Trucks
  • P/N 1125800 - Arm-Lok™ Kit - For Trailers
  • P/N 1801490 - Tarp Trap Hold-Down Kit
  • P/N 1801935 - Rocker Switch

*Additional options may not be available for all applications.


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