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MODEL: Donovan 1809616, 1809617, 1809618, 1809619, 1809621, 1809622

A Better-Built Roll-Off Tarp Solution!

The SWAT® Automatic Roll-Off System, by Donovan Tarp Systems, was designed with the end user in mind. Donovan took the technology and components of existing systems and built an even better product. Engineered to provide you with the highest quality tarping system, keeping you up and running, all at a competitive price.

The SWAT® is a fully adjustable automatic tarping system for all 15 to 40 cubic yard containers. Made with precision-cut pivot gears and rack to help eliminate slippage, increase longevity and decrease cost. Its hard pipe cylinders with nitride-coated rams help reduce hose damage, and the flanged gear pin design ensures pins stay in place. The extreme-duty tarp roller features three mounting options: spline, square nut, and threaded slot – and extended-life bearings. The wider tower mounting plate fits most plate hoist configurations and helps cut installation time. The SWAT® Automatic Roll-Off System is powder coated for a premium finish and protection, and the low-profile arms help avoid damage from wide containers and compactors.

The SWAT® Automatic Roll-Off System utilizes a Mighty Mesh® tarp, one of the strongest tarp materials available. MightyMesh® tarps come equipped with a standard tarp spline, making tarp replacement a quick, easy, one-person job.

Models (all models fit boxes & trailers up to 40 cu. yd.)

Part #
Kit Name Valve Kit Gantry Tarp (included)
1809616 SWAT® No Telescoping 8' x 28' Mesh Tarp
1809617 SWAT® No Telescoping 9'8" x 28' Mesh Tarp
1809618 SWAT® Yes Telescoping 8' x 28' Mesh Tarp
1809619 SWAT® Yes Telescoping 9'8" x 28' Mesh Tarp
1809621 SWAT® w/Remote Self-Contained Unit - Remote Operated Telescoping 8' x 28' Mesh Tarp
1809622 SWAT® w/Remote Self-Contained Unit - Remote Operated Telescoping 9'8" x 28' Mesh Tarp

Key Features

Roller Bar Design - A high-quality roller bar design with durable bearings provides for a longer life. SWAT® has three attachment options including spline, square nut, and threaded slot.
Gear and Rack - Precision-cut/built gear and rack eliminates slippage, increasing parts longevity and decreasing costs.
Gear Pin Bolt - Flanged gear pin bolts to pivot housing. Prevents pin loss and enhances pivot arm security and smooth rotation. Eliminates need to add weight to system with bulkier tombstone walls.
Hard-Pipe Cylinder - Hard-pipe construction with nitride coated rams reduces chance of hose damage, keeping your truck on the road and providing a cleaner appearance.
Tower Mount Plates - SWAT’s wider tower mount plates fit more hoist configurations, cutting down installation time.
Mounting Brackets - Gantry light mounting brackets and wiring protection tube are pre-installed. Brackets make it easy to add the LiteALL™ to your SWAT® system.
LiteALL™ - Durable light w/diecast aluminum housing. Includes 1600 lumens, 24-watt power output, 1.8-amp draw, 30,000 hours estimated life and an IP67 rating against dust and water immersion up to 1 meter.
Mighty Mesh® Tarp - The strongest truck tarp material available on the market today.

Additional Features and Benefits

• SWAT® replacement parts will also replace Pioneer rack-and-pinion system parts.
• Powder-coated parts provide premium finish and protection.
• 3/16-inch A500B steel arms, gussets, and brackets are especially engineered for the industry.
• Low-profile arms avoid damage from wide containers and compactors. 
• Quick-release tarp tube and standard tarp spline make tarp replacement fast and easya 1-person job.
• Sturdy crate w/waterproof cover and quality packing protects each SWAT® system from the factory to your door.

Additional Tarp System Options*

  • P/N 1801640: 9'8" x 28' Mighty Mesh® Flat Tarp
    • Matches dimensional specs of Pioneer #HR4616
    • Made of Mighty Mesh®...strongest tarp mesh available
    • Side flaps on tarp extend lateral coverage
    • Pre-installed bungee cord retracts flaps for smooth roll up
  • P/N 1801686: 8' x 28' Mighty Mesh® Fits All Tarp
    • Rectangular 8' x 28" construction
    • Replacement tarp fits all brands of hydraulic roll off tarps
    • Made of Mighty Mesh®...strongest tarp mesh available. Tarp sold separately from  

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