Extruded Roller Bar for Donovan Tarp Systems 1809330 | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 123.41 USD


MODEL: Donovan 1809330

The Extruded Roller Bar for Donovan Tarps is compatible with several Donovan Tarps dump truck tarp systems.  Measures 98" Long.  Includes the Roller Bar ONLY.  Does not include the hardware bag.

Extruded Roller Bar Compatible Systems:

  • Donovan Bullet™ Aluminum Arm System
  • Donovan Flash™ High-Gloss Aluminum Pivot Arm System
  • Donovan Hammer™ II Steel Arm System
  • Donovan Quick-Flip™ III Roll Off Tarp System

If you have any questions about compatibility with your particular system, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (786)708-6662.

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