Arm-Lok Tarp Arm Locking Mechanism | 1125250 | Donovan Tarps

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MODEL: Donovan 1125250, 1125800

The Arm-Lok™ from Donovan Tarp Systems is a pneumatic tarp arm locking mechanism that uses your truck or trailer's air supply to automatically lock your tarp system's sidearm securely into place. Securing the tarp arm decreases wear and tear of your tarp system due to bouncing of the tarp arm during transit and increases the life of your tarp system.

The Truck Kit (Part # 1125250) has a complete pneumatic system powered by the truck’s air supply by connecting to existing in-cab air accessories or manifolds or by connecting directly to an air tank/reservoir. The Truck Kit locking mechanisms are opened and closed utilizing a two-position four-way pneumatic toggle valve inside the cab.

The Trailer Kit (Part # 1125800) has an electric over pneumatic system powered by the truck’s air supply by tapping into the trailer's air supply and operated by a solenoid valve. The Trailer Kit locking mechanisms are opened and closed utilizing a four-way electric solenoid valve operated by a toggle switch in the cab.

  • Compact locking mechanisms feature heavy-duty all-steel construction and have adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Locking mechanisms come pre-assembled for easier and faster installation.
  • Locking mechanisms are actuated using high-quality double-acting cylinders with an all-aluminum body and end cap and stainless steel cylinder rods for corrosion resistance and improved seal life.
  • All components, including the pneumatic components, are rated for operation in temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • All steel components are plated with Sunseal coating for corrosion resistance.
  • All pneumatic hose and hose fittings are D.O.T. approved. All hose fittings are push-to-connect (PTC) style fittings with pre-applied thread sealant to allow for reliable and quick leak-free hose connections.

Standard Features:

  • Pneumatic system
  • Heavy-Duty All-Steel Construction
  • Pre-Assembled for Faster Installation
  • Rated for -40° Fahrenheit Operation
  • D.O.T. Approved Hoses and Fittings

Part #: 1125250For Trucks 

Part #: 1125800 For Trailers

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