5000X Economy Steel Dump Truck Tarp System 1803906 | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 893.75 USD


MODEL: Donovan 1803906, 1803902, 1803895

The 5000X Economy Steel Arm System from Donovan is one of the most popular and dependable front-to-back tarp systems on the market from a brand that stands for quality and value. The 5000 Series is an economical option for those looking for a high-quality tarp system with price being a key consideration.

The 5000X is available in three models, each of which features zinc-plated steel tubing and easy-to-mount, low-profile flat-coil torsion springs. The zinc coating prevents rust and enhances the 5000 Series' professional look.

Installation Instructions

Part # Kit Name Arms Drive Springs Electrics
1803906 5000XCL Galvanized Cab Level Flat Coil (3) N/A
1803902 5000XGL Galvanized Ground Level Flat Coil (3) N/A
1803895 5000XEL Galvanized Electric Flat Coil (3) Rotary Switch

Standard Features:

  • Tarp spool with side plates
  • Steel roller bar
  • 1-1/4'" square arms (2-piece galvanized with 30-degree bend)
  • Flat coil springs (3)
  • Cab-Level Crank - Standard for 5000XCL (P/N 1803906)
  • Ground-Level Crank - Standard for 5000XGL (P/N 1803902)
  • Durabuilt™ Motor - Standard for 5000XEL (P/N 1803895)
  • Rotary Switch - Standard for 5000XEL (P/N 1803895)
  • Fits boxes & trailers up to 16'


  • Fits dump bodies and trailers up to 18' using black or multi-mesh tarps
  • Fits dump bodies and trailers up to 16' using vinyl or Mighty Mesh (due to weight of tarp material)

Available Options:

  • Tarp (variety of materials available)
  • P/N 1801943 - Steel Wind Deflector - 2 Pc.P/N 1800036 - Chain Guard (For GL Kit, 1803902)
  • P/N 1802081 - Medium-Duty Arm Rest Kit
  • P/N 1802008 - Steel Heavy-Duty Arm Rest Kit
  • P/N 1801434 - Spring Trap Hold-Down Kit
  • P/N 1801490 - Tarp Trap Hold-Down Kit
  • P/N 1801935 – 40-amp Durabuilt™ Rocker Switch with solenoid

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