Aluminum Continuous Hinge | Buyers Products

  • $ 38.70 USD

Model: Buyers Products A34, A36, A41, A42

The Aluminum Continuous Hinge from Buyers Products is ideal for any application that sees frequent use or more potential for wear and tear. The hinge evenly distributes weight down the length of the lid or door, keeping it in position and minimizing stress.

The aluminum hinge features equal leaves and full hard aluminum pins. It comes stocked in 72 in. lengths and a variety of widths, thicknesses, and gauges to meet your needs. They can be cut to size as needed. Longer (96 in.) lengths are available by special order. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Product Common Use: Tool Boxes, Tool Cabinets, Horse Trailer Doors, Ramp Doors


Aluminum Continuous Hinge Features:

  • Evenly distributes weight to minimize stress on doors and lids.
  • Cut to fit the length to your needs.
  • Choose from multiple widths, thicknesses, gauges, and pin diameters.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction.



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