AeroForce F2B Dump Truck Tarp System | Aero Industries

  • $ 1,775.60 USD

MODELS: Aero AeroForce F2B

The AeroForce F2B Dump Truck Tarp System from Aero Industries uses innovative technology to extend the life of the tarp system and increase its value. Using compression spring technology, the AeroForce tarp system provides almost twice the downforce versus other leading front to back tarp systems. This additional downforce reduces arm bounce and system wear and tear, while keeping your load safe and secure. With a single compression spring that is equal to 8 traditional clock/torsion springs, the AeroForce minimizes spring fatigue and tension loss over time. 

AeroForce pivots are easy to install and can be mounted high or low for maximum versatility. Its pivots are less than 3" wide, which gives the AeroForce unmatched side-to-side arm stability and maintains DOT width.

Installation Instructions | Parts List | Product Flyer

AeroForce F2B Features:

  • Revolutionary compression spring technology
  • 8x stronger arm
  • Engineered to maximize spring longevity
  • Designed to provide 2x the downforce
  • Built for 13' to 53' applications
  • Available with RF and current sense technology
  • AeroMax tarp motor is sleek, low profile, and powerful

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