Manual Tarp Crank System | Buyers Products

  • $ 779.00 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products 5543000, 5543006


Model # 
Description Min. Body Length Max Body Length
5543000 Crank Arm Tarp System (with wind deflector) 8' 19'
Crank Arm Tarp System (without wind deflector)

Buyers Products Crank Arm Tarp System keeps your payload in the truck and out of the weather. With strong, reliable technology and fingertip controls, the Crank Arm Tarp System has got you covered. Fits 8 ft to 19 ft dump bodies.

The tarp crank features a friction brake that gives you easy and precise manual control while extending and retracting the tarp.

The tarp system's sturdy aluminum arms telescope to securely fit dump bodies ranging from 8 ft to 19 ft. An optional aluminum wind deflector protects the tarp from wind and weather bombardment. At the back, an optional extruded aluminum tension bow keeps the tarp from flapping in transit.

Get the ultimate in coverage with your choice of a mesh or solid vinyl tarp to fit your dump bed. Tarps feature brass grommets and heavy duty double-stitched and reinforced hems. The solid vinyl tarp is rated up to 400°F for covering asphalt.
Product Common Use: Dump Applications

Installation Instructions / Parts List

**Please note, if you select the optional tarp system tension bow, the arm joint angles of the tension bow must match the angles of the arm joints you will use for the tarp system side arms.**


  • Reliably contains and protects your payload
  • Precise manual control over extending and retracting the tarp
  • Sturdy weather and corrosion-resistant aluminum components for reliable performance, time after time
  • Fits dump bodies from 8 ft to 19 ft long


  • Arm Material: Aluminum
  • Arm Type: Mechanical Crank Arm
  • Number Of Springs Per Arm: 3
  • Tarp Included (Y/N): No
  • Wind Deflector Material (if selected): Aluminum
  • Wind Deflector Width (if selected): 98"
  • System Style: Manual Tarp Kit
  • Dump Length Minimum: 8'
  • Number Of Bumpers Included: 6
  • Wind Deflector: Included with model 5543006
  • Chain Length: 10'
  • Sprocket-Shaft Length: 14"
  • Sprocket Tooth Count: 18
  • Crank Handle Length: 7"
  • Dump Length Maximum: 19'

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