Side Flip Tarp System – Sidewinder | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 8,149.57 USD

MODELS: Donovan 1800297, 1801908, 1801914, 1801910, 1800778, 1801969

 Part # Model Material
Hinge Features Electrics
1800297 Sidewinder™ Steel Left (Driver-Side) Electric/Hydraulic Toggle Switch
1801908 Sidewinder™ Steel Right (Passenger-Side)


Toggle Switch
1801914 Sidewinder™ Steel Left (Driver-Side) Wet Kit N/A
1801910 Sidewinder™ Steel Right (Passenger-Side) Wet Kit N/A
1800778 Sidewinder™ 350 Aluminum Left (Driver-Side) Electric/Hydraulic Toggle Switch
1801969 Sidewinder™ 350 Aluminum Right (Passenger-Side) Electric/Hydraulic Toggle Switch


The Donovan Sidewinder™ Automatic Side-FlipTarp System has modular and interchangeable components that fit on either side of a trailer. Available in both electric or hydraulic, this system is fully automatic, covering and uncovering in under 20 seconds and keeping the operator safely on the ground.

Years of experience and thousands of units sold mean The Sidewinder™ has been thoroughly field-tested based on extensive customer feedback. It’s an extremely affordable system, paying for itself in a few months and noted for low maintenance costs. It fits all front wall styles and the lid rests flush against the trailer – ideal for operating in narrow transfer stations. The system is engineered to flex during loading and unloading, without troublesome continuous drive shafts. The superior 3-arm design (one forward, one rear and one over trailer center brace) allows the tarp to properly conform to peaked areas in the load and still close down on all sides.

Although parts and hinge mount hardware are universal, order driver-side or passenger-side for proper head mount.  Approximate installation time 16-18 hours.

Standard Features:

  • Universal Components (Fits Either Side of Trailer)
  • Right Side/Left Side Mounting Hinges (Mount to Either Side)
  • Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit (Self Contained)
  • Hydraulic (Wet) Valve Kit - Standard on Wet Kits
  • Pre-assembled Head Assemblies
  • Forward/Rear/Over-Center Arm Brace Locations
  • Steel Frame - Standard on Sidewinder™ Kits
  • Aluminum Frame - Standard on Sidewinder™ 350 Kits

Sidewinder™ 350 Model Info:

The Donovan Sidewinder™ 350 provides the same durability and function as the Sidewinder™ while its aluminum construction reduces trailer weight. Aluminum I-beam construction provides unsurpassed strength without unnecessary weight while twin cable design eliminates support ladders and bars. The Sidewinder™ 350 fits all front wall styles and rests flush against trailers, flexing during loading and unloading to accommodate stresses. The unique light-weight two-arm design (one forward and one rear) lets the tarp conform to heaped loads and still seal on all sides, avoiding loaders and areas where loads are typically highest.

Head assembly comes preassembled – no welding is needed! Kits contain hardware only.  


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