Tuff-Tarper Hydraulic Refuse Tarp System | Pioneer Coverall

  • $ 5,072.19 USD

MODEL: Pioneer Tuff-Tarper HR1500H

The Tuff-Tarper HR1500H hydraulic refuse tarp system from Pioneer is an economical tarp system for single axle hook lift trucks. This tarp system uses your truck's existing hydraulic system with power supplied from a right angle hydraulic direct-drive gear motor.

The roller assembly is mounted on a hydraulic gantry that moves vertically from 60 to 96” to accommodate containers and loads of varying sizes. As the tarp is deployed, the pivot arms move to cover the load in combination with reverse-wound torsion springs. The standard pivot arms are constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing and are also available in aluminum. This system is capable of covering containers with various heights up to 16 feet in length.

Applications: Single axle hook lift/cable hoist trucks

Container style: Containers from 8’ to 16’ long

Standard tarp:  G2016 Heavy Duty mesh tarp

HR1500H Tarp System Models

HR1500H: Steel arms

HR1500HAL: Aluminum arms

HR1500H Tarp System Features

  • Covers variable height containers 8' to 16' long
  • Direct-drive hydraulic motor provides quiet, smooth, and steady gear movement
  • Flow diverter and control valve operate the roller at low pressures, thus increasing driver safety
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Heavy duty mesh tarp
  • Reverse-wound torsion springs provide power to pivot the arms
  • Unbreakable pivot arms made of heavy duty 1 5/8” steel tubing
  • Flow diverter and control valve operate the roller at low pressures for driver safety

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