Spring Loaded Pull Tarp System 13429 | US Tarp

  • $ 1,125.77 USD


MODELS: US Tarp 13429, 13391, 15478, 15479, 13430, 13431, 13432

This Pull Style Spring Return Tarp System from US Tarp is a manual pull style tarp system with a convenient spring return mechanism to make tarping and untarping a load simple and convenient. 

Please specify the exact outside width of your truck at the location where the tarp axle will be mounted before adding this item to your cart. The tarp axle is cut to fit your provided measurements.  Maximum axle width is 102".

We highly recommend adding a tarp to your order at the same time as your purchase. When the tarp and system are purchased together, your tarp will be pre-installed onto the axle and the spring will be pre-tensioned—saving you approximately an hour of loading and tensioning it yourself.


  • Will cover up to 26’ with standard tarps and 20’ with flaps
  • Aluminum extruded 3” roller bar (retro-fit kits available to replace roller bars from other manufacturers, please call for details)
  • Comes assembled, tarp mounted, and spring pre-loaded (with purchase of tarp) to save you installation time

Available Options:

  • Heavy duty tarp axle (increases coverage length from 26’ to 32’) (US Tarp 11200)
  • Rear pull bar assembly (US Tarp 12311)
  • 97" aluminum wind deflector (US Tarp 11380)
  • Smooth front wind deflector, 102” wide (US Tarp 14870)
  • Open top aluminum housing, up to 102” wide (US Tarp 14824)
  • Adjustable steel housing, 81” to 96” wide (US Tarp 15203))
  • Aluminum housing, 92”, 98”, or 104” wide (US Tarp 11211, 11210, or 11286)

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