Tarp Pull Bar DTB98A | Buyers Products

  • $ 74.00 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products DTB98A

The Rear Anti-Sail Tarp Retention Bow from Buyers Products prevents flapping and keeps your tarp in place at the rear of the bed or trailer. It's ideal for pull-style or manual crank-style tarp systems.

When the Rear Anti-Sail Tarp Retention Bow is used, it slides into the rear pocket of the tarp and keeps the tarp flush to the back of the dump body and prevents the tarp from whipping around and causing premature wear and tear. It provides significant value and cost savings over the life of your tarp system by extending the life of your tarps.

The kits feature adjustable collars for correct positioning of the tarp. This model features extruded aluminum construction.

Standard Features:

  • Prevents tarp flapping and keeps tarp in place
  • Includes adjustable collars for correct tarp positioning
  • Available in corrosion-resistant aluminum


  • Adjustable Collars: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum Bow Length (Driver Side To Passenger Side): 98"


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