Tarp Motor Wire (Various Gauges/Lengths) | Buyers Products

  • $ 19.50 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products 3014217, 3020919, 3012783

This electrical wiring from Buyers Products can be used to wire any electric tarp system, from any manufacturer. 

Model # Description Conductors Length

14 Gauge Copper Wire

3 20'
8 Gauge Copper Wire
3012783 6 Gauge Copper Wire 2 60'


6 or 8 Gauge Wire from Buyers Products is a dual-conductor copper wire ideal for electric tarp systems. Its durable insulation withstands extreme weather. It comes in 60 ft lengths.

The 14 gauge wire is 3 conductor and is available in 20 ft length.

If you require a length of wire not listed here, please contact us at (786)708-6662 or by email at support@americantarping.com and we will be happy to help you find whatever replacement tarp system wiring you need for your individual electric dump truck tarp system.

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