Tarp Arm Elbow (Aluminum, 45°) 3036900 | Buyers Products

  • $ 25.00 USD

MODEL: Buyers Products 3036900

These durable aluminum 45° tarp system corner joints from Buyers Products provide extra clearance for the tarp arm assembly. Adding a bend to your upper tarp arm helps keep your tarp system in good condition by lifting it out of the loading area where damage can occur. Tarp system corners, sometimes called elbows or joints, are ideal for trucks with tall cabs. 

You can use these tarp system corner joints with both electric and manual tarp arm kits.

Product Common Use: Dump Applications, Electric Tarp Systems, Manual Tarp Systems

Note: This listing is for a single corner.  Please update the quantity as needed.

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Picture of Buyers Products 45-degree tarp system corner joint for use with electric or manual Buyers Products side-mount- or underbody mount aluminum tarp systems, from American Tarping.Aluminum 30-degree corner w/ hardware

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