American Tarping

American Tarping carries a wide range of products for all of your tarp system needs—for the waste and construction industries, landscaping, and agricultural industries. We offer a full range of tarp system products for dump trucks and trailers from quality manufacturers to ensure you can find the system you need at a price you can afford.

Our American Tarping brand items offer you exceptional value at an affordable price. You can shop with confidence knowing that your tarp system will last you for years to come, and sleep well knowing you are getting an unbeatable price.

Tarp Systems

American Tarping provides tarp systems for all applications and industries. We carry front-to-back (flip tarp) tarp systems, underbody tarp systems, and roll-off tarp systems for the waste and construction industries. We have a variety of sliding cable tarp systems, side-roll tarp systems, and side-lift tarp systems for the agricultural industry to ensure waterproof load coverage.

Our tarp systems come in a variety of materials to suit your budget, or your aesthetic if you are looking to keep the look of your truck sleek. Our systems come in galvanized rust-resistant steel, rust-proof polished aluminum, and unbreakable premium aluminum. 


    We offer a variety of tarp materials and styles to suit any application. We also carry additional colors and materials and can make custom tarps manufactured to your specifications. Call us today at (786) 708-6662 for a quote.

    Tarp fabrics:

    • Multi-Color PVC Mesh
    • Mighty Mesh (Donovan brand)
    • Black Mesh
    • Colored Mesh
    • Premium Mesh
    • Knitted Mesh
    • White Polyester Mesh
    • Heavy Duty Mesh
    • Super Mesh
    • 18oz Vinyl (Asphalt)
    • Lumite (Asphalt)
    • 22oz Vinyl
    • Colored Vinyl (12 colors available)

    Tarp options:

    • Standard dump truck tarps
    • Landscape-style tarps
    • Side flaps
    • Tarp straps

    Replacement Parts

    We carry replacement parts that are compatible with nearly every tarp system manufacturer, so no matter what brand your current tarp system is, we have the part to get it back up and running.