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  • $ 1,600.00 USD

MODELS: Aero EasyCover 450, 465, 475, 550, 565, 575

The EasyCover dump truck tarp system is the perfect compliment for your dump truck or trailer. This front-to-back tarp system features the strongest springs and arms in the industry for consistent quality performance and unsurpassed durability. Engineered to industry-leading standards to make this the most reliable and easy-to-use system.

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 Model Operation
Spring Type
Body Length
450 Manual Undermount 10'-25' *
465 Manual Twin 280º 10' - 25'
475 Manual PowerPack 10' - 25'
550 Electric Undermount 10'-25' *
565 Electric Twin 280º 10' - 25'
575 Electric PowerPack
10' - 25'

 * Longer lengths available in the EasyCover Dump Trailer product listing.

EasyCover Tarp System Features:

  • Tarp motor includes chrome cover & 3-year warranty (electric option)
  • Aluminum arms are the strongest, yet lightest-weight, aluminum arms in the industry and are unbreakable with normal use
  • Fits dump bodies or trailers from 10' to 40' in length (depending on selected spring type)

EasyCover Tarp System Spring Options:

  • Twin 280º Spring (Series Spring)
    • Enough torque in the covered position to keep the arms from lifting and bouncing
    • Designed for optimal tension on the tailgate in the high mount position
    • Can be mounted high or low on the dump body
    • Two sets of springs work together in series to double the range of motion from 140° to 280°
  • PowerPack Side Mount Spring
    • Industry’s strongest side-mount spring (patented double helix)
    • Housing provides protection from the elements and is easily installed, with no welding required
    • Universal design eliminates need for left and right spring
    • Ideal for dump truck and trailer bodies up to 28'
  • Undermount Spring
    • Industry’s strongest and longest lasting spring
    • Clean design sits flush against body
    • Plated or powder coated components


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