Roll Off Tarp System – Quick-Flip III | Donovan Tarps

  • $ 5,088.57 USD


MODELS: Donovan 1808660, 1809005, 1808670, 1808680, 1808912

Part # Kit Name Model
1808660 Quick-Flip™ III Single Axle - Fixed Gantry Toggle Switch
1809005 Quick-Flip™ III Single Axle - Telescoping Gantry Toggle Switch
1808670 Quick-Flip™ III Multi Axle Toggle Switch
1808680 Quick-Flip™ III Roll-Off Trailer Toggle Switch
1808912 Quick-Flip™ III Conversion Kit Toggle Switch


The Quick-Flip™ III is an automatic roll-off tarping system with unbreakable pivot arms and hydraulic-powered gantry and electric tarp roller for boxes and trailers up to 36 feet in length. The Quick-Flip™ III brings to the market three models designed specifically for roll-off trucks and trailers.

Key features include redesigned spring assemblies to increase versatility and decrease install time; thick-walled aluminum pivot arms; pivot and rear crossover elbow castings for long-lasting durability and a professional appearance; and a Durabuilt™ 900-watt heavy-duty tarp motor with marine-rated toggle. 

Applications: Full size hook lift/cable hoist trucks 

Standard Features:

  • Unbreakable Aluminum Arms
  • 90° Cast Elbow
  • 12V Self-Contained Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit (standard on P/N 1808670 & 1808680)
  • Telescoping Gantry - Standard on P/N 1808670, 1808680 &
  • 1809005
  • Durabuilt™ Electric Motor (900 Watt)

Model Details:

Single Axle Model (1808660)

The Quick-Flip™ III Single-Axle model features preassembled “outrigger” spring assemblies for easy installation. It boasts a fixed tarp tower with bright anodized tarp housing, 12-1/2-foot pivot arms and a Mighty Mesh® tarp (sold separately), the strongest truck tarp material in the industry.

Multi Axle Model (1808670)

The Quick-Flip™ III Multi-Axle model is designed for tandem and tri-axle trucks, with an over-wheel mounting frame for driver and passenger side arm spring assemblies. These adjust at installation for varying chassis widths. Aluminum spring box enclosures keep the springs clear of debris. This system includes a telescoping tarp tower with wind deflector housing and 14- 1/4-foot bent pivot arms.

Roll-Off Trailer Model (1808680)

The Quick-Flip™ III for Roll-Off Trailers is designed for trailers carrying boxes up to 36 foot long. Depending on container length, it is available with Mighty Mesh® or PVC mesh tarp (sold separately) and features preassembled “outrigger” spring assemblies to make install easier. This model includes a telescoping tarp tower with wind deflector housing and robust 20-foot pivot arms.

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